Tired of playing the never-ending card games? Learn the court piece rules

As a card game lover, you might want to learn each and every card game that exists in today’s world. And truth be spoken, you can get the best tutorial guides and hacks to learn the rules and compete against online players. But back in the bygone days, learning card games was not that simple. Also, unlike the online gaming hub, you are required to enhance your skills by consulting with pros. But today, with the myriad content and tutorials available, it becomes fairly straightforward to concentrate on emerging and rising as a card gaming pro. On this note, let’s learn the rules of one of the least talked about card games: court piece!

Introducing you to the ins and outs of court pieces

Although court pieces might barely have a prominence in the world of gaming, professionals are very well familiar with the concept, especially in India. The game goes by another alternative name – Court Pees, Coat Piece, Rang, or even Rung. The game gets played by a total of four players in 2 partnerships. Every player suits directly around the table from the partner. The game makes the right use of 52 cards. The cards’ rankings in the deck are:

  • Ace
  • King
  • Queen
  • Jack
  • 10
  • 9
  • 8
  • 7
  • 6
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2

Partnerships & the very first dealer get chosen in a variety of methods, the most frequent of which is by drawing for the low cards. As a matter of fact, the players who drew the lowest cards may team up against ones who drew the two most significant cards. Members of the pair must sit around from the partner at that table. The player who draws the lowest card is the one to deal. Following the initial hand, the dealer of the next hand will be the member of an opposing side from the winner of the current hand.

The dealer in court pieces starts by shuffling a deck & passing it to the participant to his right side, who cuts that deck. He then returns the deck to the dealer again in the counterclockwise round. Every player is dealt five face-down cards at the start. Following the distribution of the initial round of the cards, the participant to the dealer’s right side (known as the Trump Caller) collects & studies the cards before declaring the trump suit for that hand. The remaining  players should wait until Trump Caller has chosen a trump suit for that particular hand before picking up the cards. Following the trump pick, the dealer divides the remaining cards in 4 card packets, resulting in every player having a hand comprising 13 cards.

The very first card is then led to the first trick by the Trump Caller. In some kind of a counter-clockwise cycle, every following player adds one card to a trick.

While playing the trick, the player should play the card from the suit that led to the trick provided he possesses one. When he does not really have the card, he could play the card from the hand to a trick, which includes a trump suit card. The trick is won by whoever has the strongest trump card. When no trump cards have indeed been played to a trick, the highest card that started the trick will win. Each winner advances the very first card to its next trick.

As tricks get won, one winner gathers all cards in that trick & places them by his side. These must be put face down such that the other participants may easily see the number of tricks that the player has earned. As you have learned the fundamentals, now you can consider visiting the official website of GetMega to learn further on this front. Read it here.

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