Short Story – Eduard DeVere Bullington

Eduard deVere Bullington studied the printed flyer which in fact had been handed to him by Mycroft, his sales rep. “Awful!” he announced. “So…unattractive.” He walked to the huge front window of his store and looked out and next door. “Yes, flyer printing such as this is one thing I would expect from the dreadful place like ‘Bob and Linda’s Furniture Discounter’. All they highlight is the ‘good deals’ as well as their ‘fifty percents off’ as well as their ‘lowest prices in town’. It is so incredibly vulgar. You may never see me disbursing something as absolutely banal as that.” He handed the flyer to Mycroft, pinching it around the corner as if her were holding a defunct rat through the tail.

“No, Mr. Bullington,” stated Mycroft. “This can be a classy place you are opening. The best antiques and-finish furniture within the condition.”

“When will they open, Mycroft?”

“Today, Mr. Bullington,” stated Mycroft. “Just like us. Incidentally, what’s our marketing strategy? I certainly want to have some customers in here real soon, since I am on commission.”

Bullington smiled. “Follow me.” He brought Mycroft to the leading of his new store, arrived at for any rope, and pulled the lengthy covering off his sign.

The sign read simply, BULLINGTON’S.

Mycroft looked in internet marketing. “That’s your marketing strategy?”

“My name, Mycroft, is my marketing strategy. What happens that name means? The Bullingtons really are a pillar from the community. My great-grandfather would be a well-known businessman and my grandfather was the county judge for several years. This sign states ‘prestige’ and ‘respectability.'”

Mycroft nodded her head because he balled in the flyer and stuffed it in the pocket. “We do not need no stinkin’ flyer printing!.”

“You shouldn’t be vulgar, Mycroft,” stated his boss. “Well, we are formally open for business. We’ll see who’s left standing around the finish during the day – the tacky, flyer-printing Bob and Linda or even the indication of taste and respectability, Bullington’s.”

The very first customer came with the door 20 minutes later. Mycroft welcomed him. “May I assist you to, mister?”

“Let me talk to the dog owner.”

“I’ll handle that one, Mycroft. Just watch…and discover.” He offered his hands. “I am Eduard Bullington.”

“Fantastic,” stated the person. “I am Bill Tandy, in the Volunteer Firefighters’ Association. We always request a donation from new companies to aid the neighborhood firehouse.” He searched. “Take a look at all of this old wood. Exactly what a fire hazard! If the ever rises, you will want us, without a doubt. Now I am sure a Bullington are able to afford to stroke a mighty generous check.” He was and anxiously waited.