How to get the best bang for your buck with resort casino packages?

Booking a resort casino getaway get very expensive, very quickly. Between the hotel, dining, entertainment, and incidentals, costs add up fast, especially on the Las Vegas Strip. The good news is many resort casinos offer specially bundled packages that package amenities together at significant savings compared to purchasing each piece separately.

Different package types

There are a few main types of resort casino packages to understand:

  • Room Packages – Bundle discounted room rates with food/beverage credits, free play offers and/or show tickets
  • Event Packages – Bundle hotel stay with tickets to a concert, sporting event, or big Vegas show
  • Spa Packages – Offer discounted hotel rates and spa credits
  • VIP Packages – High-end packages with luxury amenities, VIP access to clubs, limo transportation
  • Experience Packages – Hotel stay plus adventure experiences like driving exotic supercars

Knowing the various package types available allows you to choose the one that best aligns with your trip preferences and budget.

Pay attention to fine print

Read package terms and conditions closely to spot red flags or gotchas. Key details to look for:

  • Additional fees – taxes, surcharges, gratuities
  • Date restrictions – blackout dates, booking requirements
  • Cancellation policies – change fees, prepayment requirements
  • Credit expirations – timeframe credits must be used by
  • Availability restrictions – capacity controls, overbooking

Avoid frustration by understanding policies upfront. Packages sometimes have strict terms compared to booking a la carte.

Do the math on potential savings

Some packages offer substantial savings, while others might cost more than an independent booking. Tally up what the package components would cost if booked separately at regular rates. Compare that total to the package rate to see if it offers good value. While the sticker price seems high, a package could deliver hundreds in savings compared to individual bookings. Always run the numbers before deciding if a bundle deal makes financial sense. hrhcbiloxi packages often allow you to upgrade to nicer room categories at a deeply discounted add-on rate. An ocean view upgrade might only be $20-30 more per night versus $75+ more if booked independently. Room upgrades greatly enhance a vacation at a nominal incremental cost. Evaluate upgrade options when selecting packages. Enhance your luxury experience with a small upgrade. Just don’t go overboard on room quality – you won’t be spending much time there!

Maximize dining and entertainment credits

If a package offers dining, buffet, or entertainment credits, formulate a plan to maximize their value before arriving. Outline which restaurants, shows, attractions, and other amenities you want to experience. Being strategic allows you to take full advantage of credits that expire. Don’t leave unused credits on the table due to poor planning. Identify your top dining and entertainment priorities early. Timing is key when securing package deals. Here are tips on locking in the best rates:

  • Book air + hotel bundles 12-16 weeks out for peak savings
  • Look for summer rates in winter; and winter rates in summer
  • Last minute unsold package rooms can = huge savings
  • Holidays = peak rates; avoid major convention and event dates
  • Tuesday/Wednesday arrivals offer lower rates than weekends

Plan and strategize packages to lock in real value. When bundled thoughtfully, packages mean huge savings compared to regular rates. Just don’t wait until the last minute!

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